Running is important in so many activites for children! Whether in sports or just on the playground, we want children to feel confident moving their feet quickly!


Steps to Running

  • Head and trunk stable
  • Eyes focused forward and watching where you are going
  • Land on ball of foot
  • High knee lift (thigh almost parallel to fround)
  • Bend elbows at 90 degrees
  • Your arms should swing forward and backward — not across your body
  • Your feet should land under your body
  • Remember, try not to slap the ground — running is quiet!


What to Watch For

  • Arms should stay at the side of the body
  • Legs shouldn't go out to the side — try to keep them in line with your body



  • Younger children love to run — and they don't need a large space to do so! Even a small, safe space can allow for lots of practice time for playing games
  • If you're running fast for a short distance, keep those knees lifted high. If you're running a longer distance, you'll want to do a smaller knee lift and do shorter strides.
  • Always have water on hand