Skipping is a great activity that all children should learn. It's fun, easy, and can be incorporated into lots of different games and activites. It's also a great skill to develop coordination.


Steps to Skipping

  • Lead leg steps forward and then hops
  • Back leg steps in front of lead leg then hops
  • Continue this step-hop, step-hop motion
  • Swing arms in opposition to legs
  • Balls of feet should contact floor softly
  • Always look forward


What to Watch For

  • Landing flat footed or heel first. Remember — skipping should be a quiet movement
  • Eyes should be looking forward
  • Arms swinging together rather than in opposition to legs



  • Challenge the children to skip as quietly as they can
  • Once they have the movement, practice with lots of games.
  • Change the pace from a slow skip to a quicker skip