Catcing is a complex skill and can take some practice. Hand-eye coordination is very important to track the ball when catching. Practicing and starting slow is the best way to succeed.


Steps to Catching

  • Keep your eyes on the ball/object
  • Body in line with the ball/object being caught
  • Arms out and ready for the catch
  • Hands and fingers are relaxed
  • Slightly cupped hands to catch the object
  • Close hands and fingers to grip the ball duing catch
  • Bend elbows o absorb throw


What to Watch For

  • Make sure eyes are following the object
  • Remind kids to use their hands not their arms to catch the ball
  • Elbows should be slightly bent



  • If child is nervous to catch, you can start by rolling it on the ground to them
  • Catching can be scary! Try first using a balloon, foam balls, or beach balls.