Basic Skills


Basic skills are fundamental skills.  They open the door to lifelong sport and activity.

Children need to learn FUNdamental movement skillsbefore they learn fundamental sport skills. If they are introduced to sport skills before movement skills, they often struggle to learn the sport skills and can risk injury. Sometimes they get discouraged and quit!

Fundamental movement skills are basic movements such as throwing, kicking,running, jumping, hopping and catching. Fundamental sport skills are these movement skills applied to a sport situation: for example, kicking a soccer ball, running a sprint, jumping up for a basketball rebound, catching a baseball.

By mastering fundamental movement skills, children will find it easier to learn fundamental sport skills. The combination of these two types of skills forms the basis of physical literacy and opens the door to new sports and physical activities and helps build a better, more confident athlete and person.

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Physical Literacy...a hop, skip and a jump to fun!