Electric Mission Impossible

Game Description: 
A electrifying take to the classic mission impossible.
Charge your dodgeball before you look to throw at an opponent.
Game Rules: 
This game is just like mission impossible, but before throwing the ball, the player must give it an electric charge! In order to give an electric charge to the ball, but player must bounce the ball off the wall, and catch it. When it is caught, they have 3 seconds to throw it, before it loses its charge!
Saftey Considerations: 
Do not allow and head shots.
Progression (optional): 
Have the children throw with their opposite hand for a round.
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7 to 9 years
10 to 12 years
13 to 15 years
16 to 17 years
Type of Activity: 
Multi-skill game
Space Needed: 
Large Space (Gym, Multipurpose Room, Playroom)
Medium Space (Classroom, Empty Room)
Equipment Needed: 
Low Key (Balls, Balloons, Skipping ropes, Hoops)
How Many Leaders are Needed: 
2 Leaders
How Big of a Group is Needed: 
Medium group (6 - 15 kids)
Large group (16+ kids)
Types of Skills Practiced: