In The Water On The Beach

Game Description: 
Great game to work on children's jumping, hopping, and leaping skills!
Follow the leaders instructions and jump from "in the water" to "on the beach"!
Game Rules: 
Place hoops around play area. Make sure that there is one hoop per person. The hoops are the "water" and outside of the hoops is called the "beach". Next, have a leader demonstrate how to jump into the water and on to the beach. Have a leader then call out to the group "in the water" and "on the beach", while children jump back and forth. To make it more difficult, increase the tempo of calling out "in the water" and "on the beach", and jump in all directions (sideways, forwards, and backwards). Make it fun by creating a story to go with the activity (ex. trying to stay away from the sharks) or add extra parts that add to the fun atmosphere such as having the children swim in the water (lay on their stomachs/backs and pretend to swim), dip their toes in the water, or cannonball!
Saftey Considerations: 
Check shoelaces before starting the game.
Progression (optional): 
Once children have mastered jumping into the water and on the beach, try changing the skill to hopping as well as leaping over the water.
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2 to 3 years
4 to 6 years
7 to 9 years
Type of Activity: 
Skill instruction
Warm up/Cool down
Space Needed: 
Large Space (Gym, Multipurpose Room, Playroom)
Medium Space (Classroom, Empty Room)
Small Space (Hall, Furnished Room)
Field / Park
Equipment Needed: 
Low Key (Balls, Balloons, Skipping ropes, Hoops)
How Many Leaders are Needed: 
Only 1
How Big of a Group is Needed: 
Small group (3-5 kids)
Medium group (6 - 15 kids)
Large group (16+ kids)
Types of Skills Practiced: