Buzz Tag

Game Description: 
A buzz-tastic and strategic tag game!
Try to tag all the other bees, including the Queen Bee, before they tag you! Don't forget to buzz!
Game Rules: 
Split the playing area in 2 equal halves and outline a small square in the corner called the "Throne". Split the children in to two teams and advise each team that they must pick 1 player to be the "Queen Bee". The objective of the game is to try and tag all the players of the other team, but you are only allowed to tag them in their own "hive" (their own half of the playing area). In order for a bee to cross over to the other teams hive they have to make a "BZZZZZZ" sound, like they're buzzing. While buzzing, players can run in the other teams hive and try to tag opponents, BUT they must return to their hive by the time they run out of breath and stop buzzing. If a player stops buzzing while they're in their opponents hive, they must sit down and wait to be saved (high-fived) by a buzzing teammate. Once this happens they get a free walk back to their hive. If you are in your own hive and you get tagged by a buzzing opponent, you must sit down and wait to be saved by the Queen Bee. The Queen Bee is safe while in their throne and can save tagged teammates by giving them a high five. When the Queen Bee exits their throne and enters their own hive, they are no longer safe and can be tagged by buzzing opponents. Tagging the Queen Bee should be a priority, because tagged opponents will have no way to be saved once the Queen Bee is down.
Saftey Considerations: 
Tell children to run with their heads up!
Progression (optional): 
If you like this game, check out Doctor Dodgeball.
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7 to 9 years
10 to 12 years
13 to 15 years
16 to 17 years
Type of Activity: 
Co-operative / Team Building / Ice Breaker
Warm up/Cool down
Space Needed: 
Large Space (Gym, Multipurpose Room, Playroom)
Field / Park
Equipment Needed: 
Low Key (Balls, Balloons, Skipping ropes, Hoops)
How Many Leaders are Needed: 
Only 1
2 Leaders
How Big of a Group is Needed: 
Medium group (6 - 15 kids)
Large group (16+ kids)
Types of Skills Practiced: