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A simple toss and catch game, all you need is a tennis ball and wall to throw your ball at.
A simple warm up game of tag. All you need is a partner.
This game is perfect for a cooldown activity. Freeze like your favourite animals like a lizard, alligator, cat, and frog to improve your static balance! No equipment needed!
Fun game to get kids practicing catching!
Easy and fun blancing activity that only uses bean bags!
This is a really fun game that works great at a large function such as a community party or convention. Time your jump properly to make it over the stick!
Great warm-up or cool-down game to practice tracking, throwing, and catching.
A fun Keep away game with a twist. Poly spots and a ball are the only equipment needed.
Fast game to get children moving at top speed!
A fun twist on 'monkey in the middle'. The object of this game is to STAY in the middle. All that is needed is a block, a hoop, and a dodgeball.